Cheap Stock Photos Versus Photoshoots

Are you currently torn between conducting your own photoshoot and downloading cheap stock photos sites? Well, these two have their own pros and cons. It is up to you which best suits your creative needs and your budget. While many would recommend the latter, not everyone has the money and time to conduct their own photoshoots. Thus, purchasing stock images becomes a more tempting option.


Photoshoots – while they sound great and fun – are expensive and time-consuming. You need to check a lot of things just to make sure that it will be successful. You need to find a venue for the shoot or worse rent it. You also need to gather props or worse also pay for it. If you will be dealing with people, you need to hire models and get a release from each of them. More importantly, you need to a hire a professional photographer.

In every action you make with photoshoots, you have to get money out of your pockets. From the venue to the models, you will be paying for all of it. You will also be spending a great amount of your time for all these. If money and time are not a problem to you, conducting your photoshoot may be a sound idea. You get to produce the exact image you need for your creative projects.

Cheap Stock Photos

Cheap stock photos are the savior! They are the superheroes of bloggers, web designers and businesses around the world. When high quality images are needed instantly, you can easily visit a stock photo agency and search for the perfect image to complete your project. Many creative professionals, who are on a tight budget or tight timeline, use them. With time and patience in browsing through stock sites, you can find what you are looking for.

Cheap stock photos already have the license and releases required to avoid copyright infringement violations. Plus, they cost between one dollar and five. In fact, you can enjoy more savings when your purchase packages or subscribe to a plan. All you have to do is find the right stock photo website that will cater to all your creative needs. It is even recommended to have two to three primary image sources to get wider coverage.


Conducting your own photoshoot and downloading cheap stock photos have their own merits. If you want unique images that best describe your subject, you can opt for the former – provided you have the time and budget. On the other hand, the latter provides a great case for creative professionals. They are easy to acquire, charge a little amount, and can still have high quality and resolution. Moreover, many stock sites are now offering free images for active members.